RoboLabs MiniRobo 25

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Vortex Popcorn machine Mini Robopop® 25 Productivity (throughput): up to 12 kg/h

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Vortex Popcorn ™ MiniRobo 25 is designed on the basis of new patented technology, due to which corn kernels are rapidly heated, popped and immediately vortexed away from the hot zone. The corn kernels are uniformly placed on the parabolic bowl in the working chamber and are constantly in motion around the axis of the cup, mixed and evenly warm. Due to the vortex flow inside the chamber, popcorn is immediately pushed out from the hot zone, which has beneficial effect on the quality and taste of popcorn. Further, popcorn falls into the sifter, which separates the husk and unpopped corn kernels from popcorn. Subsequently, this kind of popcorn is ideal to be coated with different caramel mixtures.

Vortex Popcorn™ machines

The popper is designed on patented Vortex Popping Technology (VPT) principle, which makes popping process completely different both from wet and regular hot air. Since popped kernels are immediately whirled away from the heating zone, they stay tender and crunchy, and absolutely different in taste and quality from chewy and tough air popped popcorn from a conventional puffer.

After having been treated with buttered oil or sweet mixes, which is done immediately after popping in the same machine, the «vortexed» popcorn becomes very much like the one from a «wet» popper, but much more tender. Besides, there is practically no husk, which usually gets stuck between the teeth.

Since VPT popcorn is not fried in hot oil, it is absolutely free from health hazardous particles which are generated in the course of frying, has no carcinogen and trans fats, 20% less calories.

VPT saves 30% of oil and this is a sound competitive advantage. For caramel coated popcorn no oil needed (100 % saves).

Dimensions/Weight: 107x58x160cm/150kg (shipping 142х83х128 cm 205 kg) 1 phase 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 5,95 kW

This hot-air continuous popper has a corn hopper with automatic feeding system. The machine is equipped with a electro-  mechanical controls, and sifter, which let to separate unpopped corn, husk, and debris.

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